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Bread and Water

The Fantastic Imagination

The Ravished and Impassible God

The Parable Cont.

Words in the Word: On the Multiverse

The Sacred Eyes of the Beloved

No Good Thing is Lost

What is the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

An Explanation of Christian Atonement

The Well of Bethlehem: Scriptural Meditations on the Trinity and Desire

Kingdom Come

The Mirror of Christ

The Sign of Jonah

Even That Sinner?

Leaning Against the Glass

The Absurdity of Eternal Damnation

Priest and King

Prophet, Fish, and Storm

The Nazarene

The Lord’s Vow to Jephthah


The Higher Realities: A Book Review of Jedidiah Paschall’s ‘The Damned May Enter’

Lucifer’s Diary, Final Entry

A Truly Conquered Enemy

Holy Fire

A Brief Christian History of the Cosmos (with Some Defense and Exposition)

That Which is Possible is Necessary

The Reclamation of Paradise

Huddling in Dusty Corners: Christian Universalism and Judgment Texts

The Good News of Christ: Eternal Torment, Annihilation, or Universal Salvation?