A Brief Christian History of the Cosmos (with Some Defense and Exposition)

We cannot recognize the fallenness of our world without a revelation given to us from outside our frame of reference.

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That Which is Possible is Necessary

When I think of the One who is both simple in pure Act and the abundant overflow that is productive of all things, I am left to wonder about the relationship of ‘all things’ within the realm of necessity and possibility.

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The Reclamation of Paradise

Evil and the Responsibility of the Believer

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Huddling in Dusty Corners

A Hard Look at the “Non-Universalist Texts”

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The Doctrine of Hell and the God of the Philosophers

GOD of Abraham, GOD of Isaac, GOD of Jacob not of the philosophers and of the learned.

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Will Judas be Forgiven?

Until you see yourself capable of holding thirty pieces of silver, you do not really understand your own sin.

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