Leaning Against the Glass

Many thinkers over the centuries have observed that the best way to find out what a person really believes is to observe their actions. I believe this is deeply true. It is affirmed by the Christian scriptures, other wisdom traditions, and just plain common sense.

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The Absurdity of Eternal Damnation

The following presents a philosophical case for the absurdity that lies at the heart of prevailing notions of eternal damnation, here defined as any view holding that self-aware beings will be kept in existence to endlessly suffer.

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Prophet, Fish, and Storm

"In the time of Hebrew prophets, A man received a word—"

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A Truly Conquered Enemy

In a debate between famed atheist Christopher Hitchens and Calvinist pastor Douglas Wilson at The King’s College in 2008, Hitchens harshly criticized the biblical instruction to love one’s enemies.

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Holy Fire

As I woke from bitter sleep, I noticed only pain. And soon I could not help but weep. I tried to twist and strain.

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That Which is Possible is Necessary

When I think of the One who is both simple in pure Act and the abundant overflow that is productive of all things, I am left to wonder about the relationship of ‘all things’ within the realm of necessity and possibility.

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