Priest and King

Written by
Steven HAuse
Feb 18, 2021
Steven HAuse

The king of Salem brought out wine
And bread for Abraham to dine.
“A blessing from above, divine,”
Said that priest of El Elyon.

Melchizedek, the priest and king,
Received a tenth of everything
From all that Abraham could bring—
Recovered from o’er yon.

The order honored there and then
Was long forgotten by most men
Until that Christmas morning when
New cries were heard at dawn.

The manger-born young king and priest,
Who wise men sought from far out east,
Had come inviting souls to feast—
All people would be drawn.

He offered a new bread and wine,
From fruit of a far older vine,
Melchizedek’s, not Aaron’s line—
The priesthood had gone on!

But when Yeshua was thirty-three
They hung him on a wretched tree
And all Jerusalem could see
When his last breath had gone.

But when he died, they didn’t know
That he could even overthrow
The darkness rising from below—
The serpent and its spawn.

He even overcame the grave
To free the prisoner and the slave;
This priesthood would forever save—
This Son of El Elyon.

Steven HAuse is an English language teacher who has lived and taught in Bolivia, Spain, and Japan. He loves learning more about different cultures, exploring theological topics, and watching all kinds of great movies.