Lucifer’s Diary, Final Entry

Written by
Steven HAuse
Oct 27, 2020
Steven HAuse

All of them have left me,
They betrayed me in the end.
Adramelech and Azazel,
None of them true friends.

Returning to that city
On a hill and filled with light…
If they had stayed here longer
I could still put up a fight.

And those image-bearing children,
I tricked them all before.
Why does He still love them?
It is they who caused the war.

When He told me He was going
To create that horrid man,
I simply had to stop Him
It was such a horrid plan.

God giving him the image
And then giving her it too!
squandering so much power,
What else was I to do?

But God would not forget them
Or give them up for good.
I showed Him all their stupid flaws
But He never understood.

Now they’re all together.
I alone rebel.
And He’s outside here knocking
On these ancient doors of hell.

Why must He have everything?
Just because He made it all?
I prefer to be a king of one
Than answer to His call.

I cannot go back with Him.
The shame would be immense.
But why can’t He just leave me be?
I’m on my last defense.

Steven HAuse is an English language teacher who has lived and taught in Bolivia, Spain, and Japan. He loves learning more about different cultures, exploring theological topics, and watching all kinds of great movies.